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took over two◆ German sewing mach■ine companies in mid◆-July at a c

otors Cor◆p to buy the righ◆ts to its H■ummer brand for an u■ndisclosed● price.Suning Appli●ances, the coun〓try's leading el〓ectrical appliance r○etailer, announ●ced in lat●e June that it sig◆ned an agreement w●ith Japanes■e electrical ap〓pliance retailer Lao◆x.China has announce●d the detailed s■ubsidy plan ○for auto and home a●ppliance repl■acements. The○ National Developmen○t and Refor

m Commiss○ion said on〓 Wednesday that cons●umers who trade-i●n their used small ○and medium○-sized truc〓k will rec●eive a rebat〓e from three● to six thousand yu●an.Those who trade-◆in used ce■rtain types ■of medium-s■ized passen◆ger cars for new on◆es may also receive〓 up to six-thousan〓d yuan. Rebates w◆ill also be giv■en to those who ●sell automob◆iles that are stil○l within life expect〓ancy, but no long◆er meet th■e government's emi●ssion standards〓. The Commission sa●id purchasers of hom●e appliance ■replacements ca■n enjoy a direct○ price reduction wh●ile buying new appl○iances. Buyers wil〓l also rece○ive a subsi○dy worth 1■0 percent o○f the retail pric◆e on five kind◆s of new appli■ances, such as○ TV sets,

ost ■of 45 mill●ion yuan.The deal〓 is China's fi〓rst acquisition o

refr●igerators, and was●hing machine〓s. Xiong Runli〓an is renovating her〓 house and is■ unsure what to■ do with a 13-●year-old 19-inch○ TV with a broken k○inescope that h○as been abando○ned in the at〓tic for the bette■r part of a decade.〓"I do not know to d○eal with the o○ld TV set; sel■ling to th■e peddlers ■is not wor●th it at a○ll, but leaving i●t at home takes u○p too much s〓pace,"

said X●iong.The ruine●d TV set is not ●her only headach〓e. An old 21-○inch monitor a■lso has been co○llecting dust in th●e attic.A ○survey conduct○ed by the coll○ege of Enviro〓nmental Scien◆ce and Engineerin●g at Yangzhou Un●iversity found 61〓 percent of rural● families in Jiangs●u province hav■e at least tw◆o out-of-s〓ervice TV sets, and 〓50 percent, 18 p●ercent and● 8 percent of fa◆milies have broken● radios, washing ●machines and re●frigerators, r○espectively○.Some surveyed c■hoose to keep them ■at home for the mem■ories, or sell the○m to door-to-d○oor peddlers●. Ten percent say ●they will simp●ly discard them out〓side.The life spa●n of an averag○e TV is 8 to 10〓 years and an averag●e personal comput◆er's is

■f overseas c〓ompanies in ●the sewing● machine se◆ctor.The deal f

six, acc■ording to the Standa◆rdization Adminis○tration of 〓China.Jiao Fu○, from Che●nde, Hebei〓 Province, has bee○n in the e-wast●e business in ○Beijing for year■s. He said there◆ is a vast surpl●us of junk●ed TVs and radios in■ his rural h◆ome. "Go figur●e; I collect e-wa■ste in Beijing fo●r a living ●but at home t〓here is way to◆ deal with 〓it. It's kind ●of funny," said Jiao●.But sc

atter●ed villages, such as〓 those in Ji■ao's home county, m◆ake e-waste c●ollection ●work more ○difficult, he 〓added.Wen Jiabao◆ urges innovation t●o boost economyPrem○ier Wen Jiabao● visited ea○st China's Shan〓dong provinc〓e on New Year'○s Day, to get 〓a first-hand ●look at peop●le's lives the●re. He has pl◆edged more measures 〓from the cen●tral governm◆ent to stim■ulate domestic dema〓nd, and has urge●d innovation in loca〓l economies to crea◆te more opportunit〓ies for develo●pment.Wen Jiabao's t◆our to Shan●dong has i■ntroduced new i◆deas into ●the New Year atmos〓phere. Vis〓iting a can●dle factory, th○e premier enco●uraged staff t〓o focus mor○e on innovation, a●nd to create goo■d products tha○t meet diverse de

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